Playing with risk: Why the Corona parties selfishness are

The idea has to be a certain logic:, have fun and if you caught the Coronavirus, from curing the hangover just the same time with the disease. Also for the case that it should go to a really bad: The chances of an intensive care bed are now, at the beginning of the wave of Infection, but still good, or?

Thoughts of such kind no longer circulating in the social networks, circle of friends, and daycare parents have to be the only off-the-record. Drive, the assumption that over 80 percent of infections with the novel Coronavirus extend completely harmless. But virologists warn: just like the measles by many to erroneously as a harmless children’s disease to be assessed, with a bit of fever and red spots on the skin, is also underestimated Covid-19, says Martin Bachmann, an immunologist from the University of Bern. The expert warns of the drastic consequences of the Party-levity: An infection with Covid-19 can be fatal. For yourself and especially for others.

The successor of the measles-parties

In the 2000s, there was already a similar dangerous Party ideas. At that time there were measles parties. Because the vaccine was brought to the virus infection, incorrectly with autism, began parents to allow their children to deliberately infect you and then life rest in front of the disease. The thinking error: When a 10,000 measles sick, the brain becomes inflamed; a potentially fatal complication. To serious consequential damage, such as mental disabilities, paralysis or speech disorders.


The enlightenment: Christian Drosten was the most important man in Germany

In spite of this world-renowned experience, had British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, planned to last week, for his country is a type of mass-Corona-Party: Instead of the pandemic, decided to fight, the government declared the so-called herd immunity as a target. Especially younger people should be infected, the disease to go through, immune to the Virus and thus prevent at-risk groups are infected. The idea is that Infected about 60 percent of the population, then protection for the community as a whole could be due to immunity built up, had proclaimed health expert Patrick Vallance. This kind of herd immunity of other diseases, such as influenza or measles. If a high percentage of the population is vaccinated or immune is running, the Virus is dead and can also reach high-risk patients hardly.

Johnson’s approach is met with in professional circles, however, harsh criticism: A group of more than 200 scientists sent a public letter to the scientific evidence for the approach. The spokeswoman for the world health organization (WHO), Margaret Harris, questioned the approach last Saturday. You know too little about the Virus, in order to justify such an approach, she said to the BBC.

Younger affected

In fact, this dealing with the Virus has two large hook. The fact is that “Even younger people can occasionally be severe Covid-19-paths is affected,” says Bachmann. Especially if your heart is not one hundred percent fit. Doctors from Italy, currently the most affected Region in Europe, are increasingly observing gradients in young patients, severe disease. In China, young Doctors and nurses died of Covid-19. Li Ruifeng, Chinese eye doctor, had warned at the beginning of January as one of the First before the outbreak of the Virus, was at his death 34 years old.

The Background: Covid-19 leads to a viral infection of the lungs. It can collect fluid in the lungs, which reduces the gas exchange between the heart and the lungs. The oxygen content in the blood is reduced, the load on the cardiovascular System. The heart must faster pumps to supply the organs with sufficient oxygen. Heart rate and blood pressure rise, hard work for the entire cardiovascular system. “Someone who is sporty and trained, whose heart will it join that it beat for a couple of days, really in a higher clock and more blood to pump, even at rest,” said the virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité hospital in Berlin a few days ago to NDR info. Different, a heart that is damaged. No matter how old someone is, it comes soon to its performance limit. Who comes up the stairs out of breath, heard thus in the risk group. Young people often know nothing of their weak pump.

“Flowers are a selfish society”

Apart from that, the idea is pretty selfish. Probably there is hardly a party-goer goes to durchtanzter night for two weeks in voluntary Isolation at home, in order to be seen if the throat starts to scratch. Up to 14 days, it may take until symptoms of a disease with Covid-19 show. In this time the Virus Infected pass it on to any contact person. Many develop, no complaints and of life in the Belief that healthy to be particularly careless. They go blithely in front of the door, meet friends, go shopping, and infect careless dozens, maybe hundreds, of others. On your Because you also get to see the elderly and high-risk patients. “If there is in the family an infection, and one imagines that the move to the grandparents, or the grandparents of well-Known…”, a virologist Drosten not finished the sentence, but concludes simply, “You should really consider whether you want them to have deliberately brought about.”

South Korea has experienced the fatal circles of the infection of a single infected Person. For a month the country had the Corona-crisis in the handle, was one of only 30 people who had been infected with Sars-CoV-2. To “Patient 31” came up. The woman distributed the Virus in the two and a half weeks until the diagnosis is probably about 1000 people, mainly in the well-attended worship services.

Only with harsh measures succeeded in South Korea and Isolation of the people and strict controls contain the Virus before the health system has collapsed. Corona-parties counteract the accelerated spread of such troubles and can cause the health system is collapsing. And not lead as the case of Italy shows, even more dead, because life-saving ventilators are simply not available.

Even if Clubs and Bars are closed – we still have to lock in output. People can celebrate the irresponsible virus parties. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) can only warn earnestly, “It does not make sense, instead of going to a Club to invite a large Party to his house or to go to other festivals, where many people come together,” said RKI-Vice-President Lars what a pity at a press conference on Monday morning in Berlin and appealed to the reason: “Please don’t do this. Try to stay at home.”

The Martin Bachmann of the University of Bern: Corona recommends parties would have a non-calculable risk, so the immunologist that has developed with his Start-up Saiba Biotech, a vaccine against Corona, and has already been successfully tested on mice. A herd immunity, is, of course, quite desirable, says Bachmann. But in the 21st century. Century should be secured this objective by vaccinations and not by living through diseases and many Deaths, according to the expert.

At the weekend, Boris Johnson has accepted that his idea of herd immunity was the brightest – and probably many of the British life will cost. Too late came the turnaround: The island state is starting now, the public life to restrict. To slow the spread of the Virus.

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