Reader phone: How do I get the Asthma under better control?

Many patients because of their asthma in the treatment, come to terms with the limitations imposed by the disease. Why you should with symptoms of Asthma do not accept, what is the meaning of Asthma control and as a complaint-free life can be able to this lung specialist will inform doctors on the occasion of this year’s world Asthma day on Thursday, may 9. May, on free reader phone.


Thursday, 9. May 2019 from 14 to 18 clock 0800 – 5 33 22 11

The call is out to all German networks free of charge.

The Asthma therapy based on the severity of the disease, classification and treatment according to the current National supply guideline only after Asthma control. However, what Asthma control means for, anyway? Many patients keep their Asthma controlled, if you attack an Asthma attack to the emergency spray and a handle on the Situation.

From a medical point of view, however, the following criteria for the Asthma control is important: the Patient Had in the last four weeks more frequently than two Times per week symptoms? He used his emergency medication more often than two Times per week? It was at night due to asthma complaints awake? And has restricted his activities due to Asthma? Only if all four questions can be answered with no, Asthma as well controlled. Three or four times ” Yes ” means uncontrolled Asthma. Add to a review of the treating physician, whether or not a risk of a future worsening of asthma.

How can I tell if my Asthma is adequately controlled? What I’m learning in a Patient education? I still have problems with the inhaler system – what can I do? What is the role of physical exercise – and what sports are suitable for people with Asthma well?

All questions about Asthma control and treatment options to answer an experienced lung specialist doctors on reader phone:

On the phone 0800 – 5 33 22 11

  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Karsten Schulze; Chief physician, specialist in Internal medicine, pneumology, Karl-Hansen-clinic, Bad Lippspringe
  • Dr. med. Maren Schuhmann; Senior physician, specialist for pneumology and respiratory medicine, University hospital of Heidelberg
  • Dr. med. Rolf You Man; Specialist doctor for lung and bronchial diseases, specialist in Internal medicine, allergist and men doctor, Witten


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