Seven doctor-tips on how to protect you in front of Corona

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First of all: A medicine, a vaccine, or cure the Coronavirus, there is not currently. Otherwise, we would have a great worry less. Even more important, however, it is currently to give the research valuable time. Say: to stretch The disease curve to prevent all infected at the same time and to relieve the burden on the health system.


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Social Isolation is one that currently even the most important measure to deal with the Corona pandemic. Contacts to the Minimum limit, to stay at home, the at-risk group to stay away. But what can I do in addition to appreciate me in front of the Coronavirus? We have asked Dr. Thomas Voshaar. Voshaar is Chairman of the Board of the Association of Pneumological clinics (VPK) and head physician at the lung centre at the Bethany hospital in Moers.

In this Interview, he tells us seven concrete tips to avoid the contagion, and it should be to prepare the immune system for the Coronavirus.

Seven doctor-tips on how you protect yourself from the Coronavirus can

1. Ventilation

“You should ventilate your home well. The whole of the respiratory gases and everything that we exhale, is collected. So: open the Windows and doors!“

2. Out of the air and move!

“Goes out, makes a bit of Sport, makes fast paced walks, but avoiding contact with people. There is so much space out there!“

3. Drink, drink, drink

“The mucous membranes are prone to drying out, not only for heating air, even outside. The colder the air, the dry mucous membranes and makes us more susceptible to viruses. Therefore, we should drink a lot of. Prefer a little bit more than usual – then the mucous membranes are moist, nice and fresh, well perfused, and protect a little bit against the Penetration of the virus.“

4. Fresh vegetables and fruits, please!

“You have to take any vitamin tablets, but vegetables every day, eat fruit every day, like Raw, such as Apples, berries and oranges. Neat fruit to eat!“

5. A lot of sleep

“Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system. Is time to sleep and sleep a lot!“

6. Hygiene note

“You should wash naturally hands. One says Yes, for 20 seconds, and I say this twice: The first Time for the heavy Dirt, then a second Time. And dry well.“

7. In A Good Mood!

“Watch out for God’s sake in a good mood! Does everything that makes a good mood. So a positive attitude to life, optimism, good mood, Laugh – this has a positive effect on the immune system. Depression, anxiety and worry is not good for us. We stay relaxed.“

Well, that sounds even fun?! So, we try to concentrate us in this special time more on us and our health. Because that’s exactly what is currently the best medicine:

Make yourself beautiful at home, go for a walk and in the garden, move – pay attention to you. Enjoy the time with you and let you go really well. This is the Best thing you can do.

Used source: Interview with Dr. Thomas Voshaar

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