Something had to happen – Hirschhausen meets the climate activists of the Fridays for Future

Eckart von hirschhausen: Hello, I’m here today at the star for star a Healthy life on the go, because I myself as a doctor of interest, why are we in Germany yet so little to think about, such as climate change and health. No man from the air we breathe. Fine dust particles does not ask: “Are You privately insured or cash?”. No man can choose his outside temperature itself – our body temperature, however, only that we have to give up to 36 degree heat. So there are limits to our physicality, which is massively affected when the earth and the climate continues to heat up, and that is why it is a subject that concerns all of us – and it is also a theme that connects generations.

And that’s why we make a very exciting round – generational. With Mojib Latif, perhaps the best-known climate researchers in Germany, has been busy as a meteorologist is, what is happening with Hamburg, when the sea, the sea level rises. We bring you together with students and students involved, for example, with “Fridays for Future”, with the demonstrations, with climate conferences, with a young medical student, says this is also a topic for our Generation. So, what happens when these people meet each other, you may be curious about.

Luisa Neubauer studied geography, Silvia Hartmann medicine in Berlin and Luca Salis is a student. They all belong to a growing movement of young people all over the world that say: “global warming is the great crisis of our time. And it is our future, with the help of your politicians.“ Your icon is the 16-year-old Swede, Greta Thunberg. But there’s long been allies and comrades-in-arms in many other countries. In the case of the “Fridays for Future”, the Luisa has initiated in Germany, and a strike for the protection of the climate and demonstrated. Luisa has taken Greta even in Katowice.

O-Ton Luisa Neubauer: “I am of the climate change conference left, and I thought, how absurd is that! Are we missing all of our climate targets and instead of going on the road, we sit back and say: “Oh, blame themselves, have screwed up other somehow.” And so the climate is not ticking Yes in crisis, and we have now really is no time. And fortunately, I’m not alone. We are very, very many in Germany, have put together this great project and continue to wear. That said, I am in the best company, it makes me personally courage. But there are very, very many people who write me long messages, the send me lots of comments on how stupid you find it all. To me, there is thinking in the sense that I wonder, who are we not just that we are experiencing in France, that social change must be fair.“

Eckart von hirschhausen: justice was one of the major issues I have with Luisa, Silvia, and Luca discussed. As well as our energy use, our environmental footprint, and also the way we build our cities. I myself as a young street artist since I was conjured grade of 17. And because I have experienced first-hand, as in many cities, for example, in my home city of Berlin, it is virtually impossible to find in these “car-friendly cities”, somewhere in a pedestrian area, where it’s quiet, where people stay, where you listen, and take a stroll. We want to live in a constantly stressful, mean and unfair world? Mojib Latif, the famous climate scientist, is with the young people agree: something must happen.