Spahn and Lauterbach submit draft law on organ donation

This year, the Bundestag wants to bring a new regulation on the way to increase the number of potential organ donors. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach have drawn up a joint draft law in the Parliament for a vote.

The group’s request, supported by MEPs from different political groups, according to SPIEGEL information that every citizen should be valid after his death as a potential organ donor – if he has not objected during his lifetime. Citizens who want to donate organs, should this be documented in a Register. You could enter this Veto at any time, or delete them, if you change your mind. Also the case that organ donation is explicitly desired, it should be noted in the Register.

“Extremely non-bureaucratic”

No opposition is filed, this shall be deemed as consent. However, members should be able to the removal of organs reject it, if they make credible that the Deceased wanted to be a donor, this does not have to be documented. To ensure the protection of data, could be located the Register at a Federal Agency.

Lauterbach kept the proposal on request for “extremely non-bureaucratic”. The model of the contradiction solution is very safe, “because you can document without much effort, a change of mind”.

Through the reorganisation of organ donation, the Bundestag will vote on group open. The outcome is still uncertain. At least a parliamentary group wants to launch a promising counter-proposal for a law. Among the initiators of this second group, application Manager Anna Lena Baerbock, and the CSU politician Stephan Pilsinger Green.