Stiftung Warentest checks bed cover: Must be expensive?

If the temperatures drop below zero degrees, we will replace our thin summer blanket against a thicker winter blanket. In order to days keeps us on cold winter warm, even when we sleep with the window open, it must fulfill different functions: On the one hand, you should have an insulating effect, in order to keep our body heat under the blanket – on the other hand, they must be permeable to air, to transport sweat to the outside. Here’s the question: do the tested bed cover without the down feathers are the desired requirements? Stiftung Warentest has eleven Alternatives from synthetic and three natural materials (camel hair, Merino wool, hemp-cotton mix) on your-bedroom properties, and its durability is examined. It came out that all the Blankets to keep warm, but also deficits.

Test Dummy made of copper checks sleeping comfort

Since it is almost impossible to find a subject who sleeps continuously, was used as a mannequin: The Test Dummy is made of copper and heated wires to generate heat – so Stiftung Warentest could be the heat insulation, the breathability, and therefore the sleep comfort of the winter blankets measure and evaluate. The cosiness behavior and to assess the overall impression, were added three women and two men in the customary clothes to wear to Sleep.

For the evaluation of the care instructions, which are to cover the sewn-in labels of the Winter, were drawn to two experts for advice. Their task was to check the completeness and comprehensibility for consumers. In order to ensure that the care labels to keep what you promise, were the test objects for each three times be washed or cleaned (depending on what was in the care instructions) and dried. Subsequently, visual changes, changes in the fillings and the changes in the measurements were in new condition all the winter blankets 135 to 140 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters in length – examined.

Furthermore, experts have also checked the tightness of the case, the quality of the processing (in new condition) as well as the accuracy of the information in terms of filler material, size and weight.

The result: Only seven Cover cut “good”

According to Stiftung Warentest all the Blankets to keep warm, but still a lot of shortcomings. The grade of “very good” was not a single model on account of his capture: Just seven winter cover were considered to be “good,” classified – as, for example, the camel hair blanket from bill Beck 342 Brilliant Duo with a total rating of 2.4. The test winner has a good level of breathability and small changes to the cleaning.

Also “good” cut off the Duo quilted bed from Lidl (model: Meradiso) made of Polyester for just 20 euros, which is, however, according to the dealer until the middle of November available. The winter blanket made of Polyester mattresses Concord (model: Vitalis Soft Duo) for around 60 Euro was also rated “good”, but it is a discontinued model. So remain for four test winner with the rating “good” on the winter bed of Centa Star Vital Plus for around 189 euros, the ceiling of f. a., n. Texas for around 60 Euro, the Duo quilted bed from Garanta (model: Thinsulate) for the price of 179 euros, and the prose, the duet of Paradise for around 129 Euro.

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