The life today is more stressful than in the 90s

Researchers have a new way of "Midlife Crisis" discovered: people between 45 and 64 years, experience life today as a much more exhausting – especially the hustle and bustle, financial insecurity, and looking to the future you create. High people had expected of this age in the year 2012, two months more Stress per year than in 1995.

The researchers were not surprised that most of the people today are stressed more than in the 90s, but of the age group that is mainly affected: "What has really surprised us is that people have reported in the middle of the life about 19 percent more stress factors. And the are 64 more days to the Stress in Jahr", Director of studies David M. Almeida, Professor of human development and family studies at Pennsylvania State University says. On average, the respondents in the two surveys from the years 1995 and 2012, two per cent more of the stress factors, which corresponded to approximately an additional week of Stress per year.

In contrast to the well-known Midlife Crisis, which has to do with the “Older”, the researchers Stress, among other things, to the fact that middle-aged people bear a great responsibility: "They are for their children and often also for their parents to be responsible, and possibly also for employees at work. With this responsibility, the daily Stress &ndash is on the rise; maybe that happens more now than in the past." To come, that life is accelerating due to technological progress.