These eleven signals from your body You shouldn’t ignore

You hair fall out or did you constantly want to Treat? Because deficiency symptoms may be to blame. FOCUS Online explains what signals you should look for.

Small changes in the body, a symptoms are often vitamins and minerals are missing, or that a disease in the Hidden lies dormant. These eleven signals you should not ignore:

1. Dry, chapped lips

Chapped lips indicate a lack of B-vitamins. Painful cracks in the corners of your mouth are often caused by a lack of Vitamin B2. Vitamin B is, for example, in milk products, broccoli or green cabbage.

2. Broken Hair

Strong, shiny head of hair means good health. The hairs are brittle or fall out, indicates a number of deficiencies. Dull hair with a flaky scalp, a symptom of Vitamin-A could be a skin defect. Vitamin A can be found in many animal and vegetable food, especially that much in carrots, liver sausage or pumpkin. In the case of brittle hair iron, and zinc lacking. Iron deficiency can also be a reason for hair loss. More iron you take, you can eat pumpkin seeds, lentils or beef. The biggest zinc supplier, meat, fish and seafood are, for the meat-free diet is cheese or nuts.

3. Bleeding gums

The gums bleed often, you may need a Vitamin-C-deficiency debt. Inflamed, so blood and heavily reddened gums is also a risk factor for a heart attack. Black currants, peppers, or spinach contain a lot of Vitamin C.

4. Sleep disorders

In sleep disorders one’s own behavior is often to blame: anyone Who uses, for example, before going to bed, mobile phone, and Tablet, sleeps worse. In addition, a potassium and magnesium deficiency can cause you to sleep poorly. Rich in potassium apricots, bananas and Avocado. Magnesium is in cereals and legumes.

5. Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyelids are a sign of too little sleep are often. You can also point to other things. In the case of allergies, the eyes are washed eyelids in the morning often. Also a kidney weakness comes as a trigger in question. In addition, a diet with too much salt can lead to puffy eyelids.

6. Coated Tongue

A slight coating on the tongue surface is normal. A thicker white layer is formed, however, the tongue is red is striking, this may be an indication of inflammation in the body. Also, the lack of vitamins A, B12, or C leads to a busy tongue.

7. Thick Ankles

Thick ankles can occur if no violation has occurred, due to water retention. Intercalated water in the legs often indicates problems in the circulatory System. Also poorly functioning venous valves can lead to thick legs.

8. Fatigue

Who is, in spite of enough sleep always tired, suffers from possibly a thyroid disorder. Also Stress, and various deficiencies, such as iron deficiency, cause you to feel constantly exhausted.

9. Cold hands and feet

Cold hands and feet in the Winter is normal. Your hands and feet are also Warm constantly cold, this is often a rather low blood pressure. Also, a weak heart and constricted blood vessels, such as you have, for example, a smoker often, to ensure that the blood flow is reduced in the extremities, and these are therefore cold. May also have an underactive thyroid is the trigger.

10. The smell of the mouth

Mouth odor can be due to many reasons. In addition to garlic consumption, scarred tonsils are often the bad breath is responsible. After frequent almond, the surface is inflammation often rough. Here, residue and bacteria accumulate, the smell unpleasant, can the dining. Diseases of the liver, kidneys and stomach manifest themselves, in part, by the smell of the mouth.

11. Cravings…

  • Sweet: cravings for Sweets are caused by a low blood sugar level. The body’s energy, which he would like to bring about sugar quickly. Regular, fiber-rich meals can prevent. However, there is also a psychological component: sweets are associated with reward. We often turn to sweet Snacks when we are sad or unhappy.
  • Salty: do you Have cravings on salty foods, you may be dehydrated or have an electrolyte deficiency. By excessive sweating during sports, for example, you lose besides the liquid also a lot of salts. This you should compensate as much as possible.

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