These two graphics show how Covid-19 was the most dangerous disease in the United States

First, it was not taken seriously, then you have played the danger down, and as it was already too late, was traded. The handling of the United States with the novel Coronavirus can be summarized. US President, Donald Trump makes so far, not a good figure as a crisis Manager. “You know, it dies in April, allegedly with the hotter weather. And this is a wonderful date to look forward to,” he said in early February at the Fox-Business-Interview.

The April was. however, one of the toughest months in the USA for many years The Numbers of Infected is rising rapidly, with more than 550,000 confirmed cases in the USA are by far the most affected country in the world. At least 22,000 people have died there so far, at Covid-19, the disease caused by the Coronavirus. Although the Numbers are now slightly on the decline, but still at a high level.

Thus, the number of Covid has developed-19-patients

But it’s not just Donald Trump took the Virus for a long time not seriously, but also large parts of the population. While other countries are already drastic measures have been taken, delivery of the daily life between New York and Los Angeles still quite normal. The Subways were at the beginning of March is still full, the Restaurants are well visited. With the dead in the single-digit area of the disease in the United States seemed to be a non-issue.

Only in mid-March, the number of Covid-19-dead rose rapidly. It was on 09. March cases and four deaths, were it a week (16. March) later 20, on 20. Finally, on March the 160 – and 30. March, more than 800. At this time, the third most common cause of death per day, according to heart disease and cancer already, but from accidents, chronic lung disease, or stroke. In the first week of April Covid was 19, finally, to the most deadly disease in the United States.

The course of the Covid-19-deaths this graphic shows, for the period from 01. March to 11. April.

Created the graphics by Alex Estrella, a PhD, a researcher from New York. In a second graph, he shows the course of the 15 most common forms of death in the United States compared to Covid-19 over the period of just six weeks.

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