Untreated wool as a home remedy

Fresh from an animal: Natural sheep wool, grease wool, or healing wool is called, is designed to help with many ailments

Very well insulated: The wool schüprotects against Kälte and moisture

Sheep always have it nice and warm. "From ten degrees Außduck temperature müthe animals energy shot spend to abzukühlen", erklärt Burkhard Schmüsugar, Schäfermeister from the nordrheinwestfämetallic Büren and speaker of the working group on sheep’s wool at the Association of German Landesschafzuchtverbände. "Außerdem take wool fibers 38 percent of their Eigen­weight in moisture without getting damp anfümiss."

The protection against Kälte and moisture thanks to sheep, however, less of their dense fur, but a natünatural mixture of Fettsäacids and fatty alcohols on the hair. This wool wax to produce the animals in their Talgdrüsen, from where it was in the distributed – and in addition to the characteristic odor of the insulating effect.

A feature that makes use of only the textile industry. For some time natural sheep experienced wool, grease wool, called, a Renaissance as a home remedy.

F&uuml wool;r the diaper

Many Müleaves the wool in the diaper of your baby, to soothe the wounds of Po. Or you füfill your bra when your nipples from Breastfeeding strained and entzüare NDS. Also, pharmacies have, in the meantime, healing wool in the offer or köyou can in the short term.

The MüMunich dermatologist Professor Dietrich Abeck has also already made good experiences with it. "Wundfläare often treat difficult, so an attempt with curative f&uuml wool;the r worth the a doctor if other methods do nothing." The allergist schränkt a: "In the case of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, with a gestögardens skin barrier go hand-in-hand is healing, not wool suitable because of their high content of wool wax." This n&auml can;namely cause allergies, which is why a long-term application is not recommended.

Allergies to wool wax

Schäup 1.4 percent of the Bevöpopulation are allergic to the substance. She is, among other things, in a number of cosmetics and creams, because it nourishes the skin, binds water, and strong rückfettet. "Even if the allergieauslötransmission potential is low, I recommend to my patients grundsävulnerable creams without Wollwachs", dermatologist Abeck says.

In addition to the risk of allergic reactions k&ouml skin;can fibers, wool can irritate the skin mechanically. Like a wool sweater that itches uncomfortable. "The finer the wool fibers, the less it comes to Irritationen", erläDietrich Abeck explained.

Healing wool in its structure is reminiscent of cotton candy. Für they are particularly fine fibers used – in the rule of free-roaming sheep from öecological attitude. "The finest wool Merino sheep provide, the ursprüoriginally come from Spain and because of the mild climate there dünnere wool fibers, as native species from Deutschland", erklärt Schäfermeister Schmüsugar.

Fibres as soft as cotton wool

After shearing, the wool is cleaned by Hand from coarse dirt and without the use of chemical Zus&auml is;tze washed in warm water. The only way m&ouml remains;as much wool wax. Her soft, cotton-like consistency erhält the healing wool after Drying by ausgiebiges  Käthe right to decide. "The processing of the wool costs so much that für the Schäfer in the end, nothing übrig bleibt", Schm&uuml says;sugar. The most Zücompressors do not benefit so wool from the Salvation-­Trend. Schmüsugar itself has at least 250 sheep and Lämmer and operates its Schäferei only as a Hobby.

Healing wool wänot rmt only and will absorb moisture. The alternative remedies, many other F&auml be;skills attributed to. It Entz&uuml to;inventions that inhibit blood circulation föpromote, stimulate the metabolism, alleviate pain, and even bacteria abtöth. Therefore, salvation is not wool used by many people only as a wound dressing,
but also in ears and neck pain, cough, Migräne, muscle tension, Rücover and ­Joint discomfort.

Home remedies without efficacy proof

"However, f&uuml missing;r these effects are reliable scientific Belege", stresses Abeck. The durchblutungsfördernde effect is für most of the dermatologists still plausible: "The mechanical irritation of the skin by the fine fibres stimulates the blood circulation and creates a pleasant Wärmegefühl."

Anyone who wants the effect of Healing once m&ouml try;killed: simply placing it directly on the area to be treated and fixed in place there with a cloth, scarf or bandage. But not directly on open positions, such as doctors Abeck stresses: "Because the fibers with the wound glue köcan, you should zunäfirst, a net-like dressing darüsuperior."

Außerdem rät the dermatologist depends on zusäin addition creams or ointments to apply: "Then, the wool can absorb no more moisture can and will lose their effect." For hygienic Grümust the healing of wool to be exchanged after each application. Because when Washing würde to a lot of wool wax lost – so the real secret behind the best insulation nature has to offer.

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