What are the virus to the Unborn child damage

If a Pregnant woman is sick, it can also be the Baby in the womb damage. Early contractions are only a possible consequence. When colds are for the Unborn without problems, and when Pregnant women with an infection the doctor should consult.

During pregnancy the immune system of the woman is busy trying to protect the Baby. Pregnant women are therefore much more susceptible to viruses which cause coughs, colds or the flu. Mild colds are annoying, mean for the mother and the unborn child but usually not dangerous.

However, not every seemingly innocuous common cold remains without consequences for the growing Baby in the womb. Some viruses hide behind the symptoms of the common cold , can have for the unborn child but serious consequences.

Virus disguised as a harmless cold

The Human cytomegalovirus (CMV), a Virus of the Herpes family, disguises itself with headaches and swollen lymph nodes. For healthy adults it is usually harmless, for the unborn child it can be life-threatening. “An infection in the brain or in the liver can lead to malformation and can be life threatening for the child. Deafness is only a potential consequence,“ says Regina Rasenack, chief of obstetrics at the University hospital Freiburg. The CMV is the pathogen that is most commonly transmitted during pregnancy from mother to the fetus. Although 0,3 infect themselves up as a percent of all Pregnant women with the Virus, but almost half of them transfers the dangerous pathogens through the placenta to the fetus.

Also, the Parvovirus B19, rubella causative agent of the ring, raises at first a harmless cold. A Pregnant women with this Virus, infected can have effects on blood production in babies. “The child is produced then over days or weeks, and no red blood cells and can develop in the womb, the blood of poverty,” warns Wolfgang Henrich, women, children – and Youth medicine at the clinic of Obstetrics of the Charité in Berlin. Although only a fraction of all Pregnant women infected with Parvovirus B19. When a pregnant suffers at the end of parent common cold symptoms with fever and skin rashes or in the nursery just the Ringel rubella bypass, you should consult a doctor and a immunity test, advises Henrich. “If the Pregnant woman is not immune, and the Unborn child falls ill, the anemia of the growing babies a blood transfusion to quickly and effectively treat it.”