What many people don’t know that neck pain tablets antibiotics stuck

Lozenges promise quick remedy, when a sore throat. The most common cold know not, that some of them also contain antibiotics. This is not only pointless, experts say.

  • Neck pain with antibiotic-containing drugs weglutschen, does not work in General.
  • The chamber of pharmacists advises, even.
  • Also, the known means Lemocin is one of them.

To cough and a runny nose, a scratchy throat in the Cold season often. Pharmacist recommend, however, often lozenges.

What a lot of cold sore do not know that The over-the-counter medicines contain, in addition to pain-relieving substances as well as antibiotics.

According to the market research Institute IMS Health are sold at the neck pain market in Germany, every year there are four million packs of Throat painkillers with antibiotics. In this case, the rule makes little sense. Because usually there are viruses that trigger colds and against these antibiotics already.

Pharmacist rates of antibiotic-containing lozenges from tablets

Even if, in individual cases, a bacterial infection of the throat causes pain, advises the Federal chamber of pharmacists (ABDA) antibiotics-containing lozenges. To even combat this, the concentration of the active substance on the mucous membrane of the mouth is too low.

The treatment of neck pain with antibiotic-containing lozenges, it rejects a long time to breed, no resistant germs, says Peter Federspil, Chairman of the Association of ENT infectious diseases.

“The addition of antibiotics is at best useless, if not harmful,” explains Michael Schneider, the Swiss Portal “Watson.ch“. The Berner family doctor in Switzerland with the group NEXT (New expert strategy for the treatment of neck pain) for a proper handling with the drugs. However, NEXT promotes, among other things, the company Reckit Benickser AG, which produces an antibiotic-free neck pain.

In these drugs, antibiotics stuck

In Germany antibiotics according to information from the chamber of pharmacists in neck pain tablets as Tyrothricin (for example, in Lemocin, Dorithricin) and Fusafungin (e.g., in Locabiosol).

Whether these agents are stuck in the funds in your medicine Cabinet, you can find out by taking a look at the leaflet.

The number of antibiotic-resistance increases by A sore throat-lozenges?

The antibiotics in the lozenges are in most cases useless, is the a page. On the other hand, more and more people develop resistance to the active ingredients.

If you suffer from infections caused by resistant bacteria, is not more the classical antibiotics. To prevent this, the chamber of pharmacists: “a responsible use of antibiotic resistance can be avoided.”

The pharmaceutical companies are, in turn, is of the opinion that in sore throat lozenges contained antibiotic Tyrothricin games in this regard. “Under therapeutic conditions, no drug resistance and cross-resistance are known so far”, informed about the company Novartis Consumer Health on FOCUS-Online-request. It produces such well-known products such as Lemocin. By the oral intake of the antibiotic Tyrothricin will not be included in the body.

With regard to the two substances Tyrothricin and Fusafungin, is the development of resistance is still questionable, since they are applied locally, says Peter Federspil: “Nevertheless, I have seen with Tyrothricin has been little treatment success.”

In principle, it is important to check critically whether the use of antibiotics as well as Penicillin must be used, if someone is suffering from tonsillitis. For pain relief the ENT doctor active ingredients such as Flurbiprofen or Ibuprofen from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) is recommended.