Why some people continue to grow despite the Sport

Sport is supposed to make us leaner and healthier. Sometimes we have to take more exercise but the body to lose weight instead of Kilos. This is because with the activity, often, the appetite greatly increases.

The energy consumption varies on a daily basis and is, for example, on such days, the higher we go in for sports. Apparently, many people to access but it is only right and eat more than you on the day of calories to consume. The a recent study was published in the journal International Journal of Obesity shows.

The scientists had considered the physical activity and the eating habits of 242 persons in more detail and found out that many people eat more when they are physically active. More exercise leads therefore not to the pounds – but rather the contrary. Anyone who wants to lose weight should be aware of this fact and watch closely how much in addition is eaten. But not only the energy consumption had according to the study, an influence on the food intake, but also the resting metabolic rate has played a role: Since the resting metabolism is increased in obese people, it tended to be particular to eat more.

Ideally the human body should work to recognize changes in the amount of energy used immediately appetite so regulates that you will be compensated with the right amount. Unfortunately, we feel but sometimes more Hunger than necessary, because the body gives off much stronger signals if he needs food, if we eat too much.