Woman mistaken for Wasabi with Avocado and suffers a Broken-Heart-syndrome

The 60-Year-old saves, as they served at the wedding buffet to the green Paste. She is convinced what she has is an avocado cream. Appropriately generously it is also, as you fill your spoon and in the mouth of slides. Then, however, the error is shown. Instead of Avocado, the Mrs Wasabi has caught an extremely sharp Paste.

“Maybe she was distracted by the wedding ceremony so that it came to the confusion,” writes Alona Finkel-Oron the Medical Center at the Israeli Rokoa University on MIRROR request. May be the environment, it does not explain why the woman spits out the Paste is easy, but down swallows as it starts to burn.

Wild the Wasabi Plant grows only in Japan and on a Russian island. To voracious insects and other enemies to fend off, it has developed in the course of Evolution, various mustard oils, which also activate in humans, pain receptors. Unlike chillies, which contain Capsaicin and directly in the mouth, burning, pain Wasabi mustard oils some time delay in the throat and in the nose, in which their volatile components rise.

In the case of the woman, but the reaction goes way over the Burn and beyond. A few Minute after the Swallow you can feel a pressure on the chest, which radiates up into her arms. The wedding, the 60-Year-old does not want to leave, in the following hours, the unpleasant feeling is back. As she feels the next Morning, still weak and unwell, she goes to the doctor.

Too many stress hormones

The results of the experiments are clear, as the Doctor Finkel-Oron and colleagues in the journal “BMJ Case Report” reports. Due to the extreme sharpness of the woman, a so-called Tako-Tsubo has suffered cardiomyopathy, better known as Broken Heart syndrome or Stress cardiomyopathy.

The complaints are similar to those of a heart attack, the heart just sinks, it comes to shortness of breath and the chest feels tight. The cause is not a sealed vessel, but an Excess of stress hormones, the to temporary circulatory disorders of the heart muscle cause is. The phenomenon is actually a result of extreme emotions. It can be triggered by heartache but also great joy. Are affected, especially older women.

The current case was the first, in the case of the focus – and, above all, Wasabi – as the cause of the Broken-Heart syndrome has been documented, write to the Israeli medics in its report. Even otherwise, the Stress-cardiomyopathy is a fairly new field of research. That the body can react in this way, to emotions, to physicians only since the nineties, aware.

Left ventricle of the woman: Typically, for the Broken-Heart syndrome, the left ventricle is pointed at the end and it inflates

In contrast to the heart attack the body when the Broken-Heart syndrome recover within six weeks, again, in the worst case, but the syndrome can even be fatal. To complications about when due to the disturbed blood circulation of fluid in the lungs accumulates.

In the case of the woman, the Doctors observed two days after the Avocado-and-error is still significant discomfort, your left ventricle pumps too little blood in the body. You must take several different medications – beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and aldosterone antagonists – and for further treatment in a rehabilitation centre. Four weeks later, but her heart is healthy again.

“It is important to emphasize that the components of Wasabi have been proven in many studies as healthy, such as a protective for the nerves,” write the doctors. Also, there is evidence of an antioxidant and cancer protective effects. However, according to the Doctors, were used in the experiments is always lower Wasabi cans. The amount that I consumed the woman had simply been too big.

Chili leads to thunderclap headache

The woman is not the first man, in the extreme, the mechanisms of the body sharpness has brought out the clock. 2018 detailed U.S. physicians developed also in the journal “BMJ Case Reports” the case of a 34-Year-old after eating a chili pepper, which is considered the sharpest in the world, an explosive, intense head pain.

Subsequent studies showed that blood vessels had narrowed in his brain so strong that regions of the brain were not optimally supplied with blood. Also, this man recovered completely. 2012 marked Doctors in addition, in the case of a 25-Year-old suffered after the ingestion of Cayenne pepper pills a heart attack.

In normal amounts of chilies and the contained Capsaicin are enjoyed, however, harmless, as well as Wasabi and mustard oils. Who consumed, you should just listen to your body and stop when it tickles but it hurts.